Femlion Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses for Men with Anti-fatigue Technology

Sale price$14.39

Frame Color: Red
Eye Prescription: +300

Introducing Femlion Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses, crafted with cutting-edge anti-fatigue technology to provide ultimate comfort and protection for your eyes.

These high-quality reading glasses are designed to enhance your reading experience by reducing the harmful effects of blue light, allowing you to read for longer periods without straining your eyes.

The lenses of these stylish glasses are made of durable plastic material, offering clarity and optimal vision. The mirror coating and photochromic attribute further enhance your visual comfort, making these glasses a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to read.

The frame of the glasses is made of sturdy plastic, ensuring durability and a comfortable fit. With a total width of 133mm and a temple length of 135mm, these glasses are designed to suit both men and women.

The sleek design and timeless style of these reading glasses make them a perfect choice for those seeking both fashion and function. Whether you're reading a book, working on your computer, or simply relaxing at home, Femlion Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are the ideal accessory for your everyday needs.

Invest in your eye health and elevate your reading experience with these premium quality reading glasses from Femlion. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to comfortable, crystal-clear vision with every page you turn. Indulge in the luxury of effortless reading with Femlion Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses.