Femlion Half Frame Anti-blue Light Prescription Glasses -1.0 To -4.0

Sale price$17.85

Frame Color: RE
Eye Prescription: -1.5

Experience clear and comfortable vision with our Femlion Half Frame Anti-blue Light Prescription Glasses. Crafted with high-quality materials, these glasses are designed for individuals seeking both style and functionality.

The lenses of these glasses are clear, providing a crisp view without any distortion. The plastic lenses offer a lightweight feel, making them comfortable for extended wear. With a lens height of 2.9cm and a width of 5.2cm, these glasses provide ample coverage for your eyes.

The frame of the glasses is made of durable alloy, ensuring longevity and a stylish look. The half-frame design adds a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance, making them suitable for various occasions. The metal frame is sturdy yet lightweight, making these glasses ideal for daily wear.

Designed for women, these glasses feature a business style that elevates your professional look. Whether you're at work or out socializing, these glasses are the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.

The lenses of these glasses have an anti-blue light coating, protecting your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital screens. This feature makes these glasses ideal for individuals who spend long hours in front of computers or other electronic devices.

In addition to their practical benefits, these glasses are also a fashion statement. The sleek design and lightweight construction make them a must-have accessory for anyone looking to protect their eyes and elevate their style.

Invest in your eye health and style with our Femlion Half Frame Anti-blue Light Prescription Glasses. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, functionality