Femlion Round Rattan Woven Pendant Charms for Jewelry Making Earrings Boho Accessorizing

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Color: 11 hot pink
Item Diameter: 2pcs

Elevate your jewelry making game with Femlion Round Rattan Woven Pendant Charms. Crafted from high-quality iron alloy, these charms bring a touch of boho chic to your earrings and accessories.

Embrace your inner fashionista with these IRREGULAR-shaped charms, adding a trendy and unique flair to your creations. Made from acrylic material, each charm is lightweight, ranging from 3-25g, making them comfortable to wear all day long.

The Outer Diameter is perfectly sized for effortless incorporation into your designs. Available in a variety of vibrant colors as shown in the pictures, these beads are versatile and eye-catching.

Add a touch of sophistication and style to your jewelry pieces with these trendy and fashionable charms. With Femlion Round Rattan Woven Pendant Charms, the possibilities are endless.