Femlion Howlite Tube Stone Beads 2*2*4mm Polished Strand for DIY Jewelry Making

Sale price$20.50

Color: imperial jasper
Item Diameter: 2x2x4 mm

Elevate your DIY jewelry making with these exquisite Femlion Howlite Tube Stone Beads. Crafted from high-quality semi-precious stone, these beads are designed in a sleek ROUND SHAPE, adding a touch of elegance to your creations.

Each bead measures 2*4 mm, with an outer diameter of 4mm, providing a perfectly polished finish. The natural properties of these beads exude a timeless fashion appeal, suitable for both women and men alike.

With a weight of 6 G and a length of 15.5", these stone beads offer a versatile option for creating unique and personalized jewelry pieces. The vibrant color, as shown in the picture, adds a pop of style to any design.

Packaged in a convenient OPP bag, these beads are ideal for drop shipping and wholesale purposes. Whether you're a seasoned jewelry maker or a beginner, these Femlion Howlite Tube Stone Beads are sure to inspire creativity and enhance your collection.

Bring your jewelry-making vision to life with these stunning stone beads. Discover the endless possibilities of design and style with Femlion.