Femlion Smooth Chalcedony Round Beads for DIY Jewelry Making

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Color: Brown 2
Item Diameter: 8 mm 48 beads

Introducing Femlion Smooth Chalcedony Round Beads for DIY Jewelry Making, perfect for unleashing your creativity and designing unique pieces that reflect your style and personality. Crafted from high-quality Semi-precious Stone, these beads exude an aura of elegance and charm.

Embrace the beauty of these ROUND SHAPE beads, meticulously designed to elevate your jewelry creations to new heights of fashion. The rich brown color of the Chalcedony Beads Jade adds a touch of sophistication, perfect for both women and men looking to make a style statement.

Each bead features an outer diameter of 10mm and a size ranging from 6-12 mm, ensuring versatility in your DIY projects. Whether you're a seasoned jewelry maker or a beginner, these beads offer endless possibilities to explore your artistic side.

Experience the premium quality of A Grade beads, known for their natural properties and exquisite appeal. With a weight ranging from 10-78 G, these beads come in a generous length of 15.5 inches, providing you with ample material to work with.

Enjoy the convenience of quick delivery, with your order set to arrive within 3 days. Whether you're crafting jewelry for personal use or considering gifting your creations to loved ones, these beads are a must-have for any jewelry-making enthusiast.

Unlock your creativity with Femlion Smooth Chalcedony Round Beads and let your imagination run wild. Create stunning pieces that capture the essence of your unique style and leave a lasting impression.